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Spirit Moving Books Around In The Book Shop

Spirit Moving Books Around In The Book Shop

Yesterday I nipped in the book shop on my way home and I was looking in the baking/cooking section to see if they had anything suitable for a whole foods plant based diet, I couldn’t find anything but while searching random books kept appearing placed in front of cook books. The first out of place or out of section book I saw was titled ‘Develop Your Psychic Abilities’, ok that’s funny I thought and carried on browsing through the different books, when I looked back there was a book placed there titled ‘Explore Your Chakra’s’ or something similar, I knew then that spirit were definitely playing with me and trying to tell me that I need to be focusing on my spiritual work rather than cooking. Still I carried on browsing for recipes and a crystal book appeared – ‘Everything You Need To Know About Crystals’ and then a book about Buddhism appeared ! Ok I get it, my spirit guide loves messing about with me and playing tricks on me so I didn’t find a cook book, I just came away with a children’s book for my son and the message from spirit that I need to be focusing on my spiritual work and psychic readings a lot more 🙂

Spirit are always trying to get my attention throughout the day which is hard because communicating with spirit requires concentration and it’s hard to concentrate when there’s a lot going on around me. When spirit want to communicate I can feel my vibration lift and what feels like the pressure in my ears changes, almost like they’re opening to another dimension but when I have to block them out because I am busy dealing with humans they find other ways to get my attention just like the one above in the book shop. Spirit have so many different ways of getting our attention and I always like it when they do mischievous things to make me notice or stop ignoring them, there’s a 6 year old little girl who comes to see me and if I don’t acknowledge her often enough she’ll switch on any noisy toys my son has in the middle of the night to get my attention – it’s not so easy to ignore spirit when you want to sleep. I say ignore which sounds kind of harsh and intentional, I don’t want to ignore them but I can’t always communicate with them while going about my busy day although I do try. I have been mid conversation with spirit before in a public place which to anyone else they would have had no idea as I don’t talk out loud when communicating with spirit but while mid conversation, an important conversation I may add, a lady came and sat down next to me and started trying to sell me something and asking me lots of questions – I was fuming but tried to be as polite as possible. She had no idea I was in the middle of something, to her it would have looked like I was sat there just day dreaming but she’d actually interrupted what very little time I get to myself in the day to communicate with spirit so I wasn’t happy at all but lucky for me I can always reconnect and get the communication back again.

Love & Light,

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