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Spirit & Parenting…

Spirit & Parenting…

I’ve said it many times on my blog but my spirit guide is literally around me 24/7 so he does have his input throughout my days and give me his views on what I’m up to in my personal life – I mean I must say he’s always right too which is super helpful and can make my days super efficient when I listen. The other day was no different, I was chatting with my four year old about buying him a new coat online and he was saying that he wanted one the same as his best friend at school – whaaa no, don’t do that be different and be you I was telling him when my spirit guide interrupted me with a vision of when I was little in school and I wanted to be exactly like my best friend and have exactly what she had, “see!” my guide says, “Just let him be and have the coat he wants…” Ok ok, I was only encouraging him to be himself and not copy others but you’re right he’s only 4 let him be a copycat, after all I’m sure he’ll grow out of it, my son has always wanted to be that little bit different and stand out in some way so I’m sure this copying won’t last too long 🙂

I love that spirit tell me to lighten up when I need to, I mean to be fair my spirit guide is probably the only person who can get away with it as he really does help me in my personal life on a daily basis.

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