Spirit Told Me To Start A YouTube Channel

Spirit Told Me To Start A YouTube Channel - Ed's Play Children's YouTube Channel Videos For Kids

Spirit Told Me To Start A YouTube Channel

When I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2017 I posted a video on my Psychic Lyndsay YouTube channel, I just felt the strongest urge to speak and put it out there so I did, I had to, but fast forward 6 months and being in such a stronger place emotionally and a lot happier with my life, spirit recently advised me to start another separate YouTube channel but what? Well it turns out they think it’s a good idea for me to make a children’s channel making videos for kids with my son – funny really as I’ve always wanted to work with children deep down. I’ve often day dreamed about volunteering in orphanages across the globe – but anyway that’s another story. So spirit feel I should be making videos for children and my four year old son was mega up for it, he absolutely loves watching kids playing on YouTube and couldn’t wait for us to create our own channel so we did. I have to say it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing it, we only film at weekends so it doesn’t take away from my spiritual work during the week while he’s at school and I love that we’re creating video memories for my son and I to look back at one day. Our channel is called Ed’s Play as so far we play a lot of board games (my sons fave thing to do currently), we’re planning on making a lot more vlogging type videos going forward though. I love that spirit are so involved in every aspect of my life, they don’t just come around me to do readings for others, my spirit guide is literally with me 24/7 and we do everything together even furniture shopping and yes he helps me choose the decor.

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If your children like to watch videos for kids on YouTube then you can introduce them to our family friendly channel, so far we have videos playing boards, opening surprise bags and toy reviews. Check out the links below:


Eds Play Kids Surprise Bag Minion & Disney Cars Cruz

Ed’s Play Kid Plays Darts Game

Ed’s Play Kids Don’t Drop The Marbles Game

Eds Play Kids Fizzy Dizzy Hippo Game

Eds Play Kids Looping Louie Game

Eds Play Kids Star Wars Pop Up Darth Vader Game

Eds Play Kids Table Top Air Hockey Game

Eds Play Kids Fire Ball Battle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game

Eds Play Kids Hot Wheels Cars Loop

Eds Play Kids Stacking Cups Game For Kids

Ed’s Play Kids Balance Chairs For Kids Game

Ed’s Play Kids Fluorescent Tracks With Light Up Cars

Ed’s Play Kid Opens Star Wars Surprise Bags

Ed’s Play Kids Frozen Don’t Break The Ice Game

Ed’s Play Kids Connect 4 Game

Ed’s Play Kids Careless Kitty Wall Game For Kids

Ed’s Play Kids POP POP Piñata Game For Kids


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