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Donald Trump – Psychic Prediction

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President Donald Trump Psychic Prediction


*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

To be honest I don’t watch the news or read newspapers (1) because I don’t know how much is true and how much is false so what’s the point? plus I think it’s bias and no longer what I would consider ‘clean’ news stories – nowadays it seems the media just want shaming stories and to dig as much dirt on people as they can, and (2) because I find it so upsetting, I am an empath and if I see someone crying on t.v I will feel their emotions and very likely bawl my eyes out too. With the whole Donald Trump situation however it’s pretty hard to ignore and just about everyone is talking about it, I genuinely don’t know much about Donald Trump or his political views but I have seen over the weekend that he is banning people of certain nationalities/religions from entering the US. This literally saddens me to my very core and I find it totally unbelievable ! We are ALL human beings living on planet earth – there really shouldn’t be anything else to it. As someone who loves to travel and has friends from all over the world who all speak different languages, have different beliefs, think differently and look differently I just can’t even being to understand Donald Trumps mindset – it’s beyond reasoning. We are all human, it shouldn’t matter where we are born or who we choose to pray to – “Live & Let Live” !

Ok so now I have got my point of view off my chest I’ll explain the point of this blog post, today I did get emotional about what’s beginning to happen in America and I know it will effect so many human beings around the globe – as I have said above, I really don’t know much about the whole situation but I started to feel worried about a back lash and sad for those who will feel immensely offended by Donald’s Trumps actions. Whenever I am sad or worried my good ole spirit guide turns up to either tell me to pull myself together, give me some words of wisdom or actually show me what’s going to happen in the future with the situation. Today was no different, my wonderful spirit guide rocked up and showed me that Donald Trump will be shot dead during a public speech he is doing. The person will shoot from a roof but will be killed by Trumps security immediately after killing Donald Trump. I question my guide how this person can get access to shoot Trump knowing he will have or should have the best security in the world and I am told that due to back lash of Trumps presidential decisions America knows that he has to go as if he remains to be president it’ll only get worse (there is a leak in the system). I am shown that he is shot during or shortly after an explosion which I feel isn’t too far from where Trump is giving his (unknown to him) last speech. I am shown a bow and arrow and feel it could be the arrow that goes through Trumps heart. I am given October for Trump to be shot dead and I see many riots, violent protests and total ciaos in the run up to his death.

I actually feel awful writing this blog post, it’s not nice to predict someones death but I feel I had to share my prediction with you all and isn’t it crazy that some of you or maybe all of you will feel comfort in knowing that Donald Trump will be taken out of political power this year!

Love & light,


Update 09/03/2017: Spirit have more to say about the events after Trumps passing.

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  1. Though your timing is off on Trump’s assassination I feel like you will be right about him being shot. I don’t know where this will happen or even if he will receive a broken arm. There have been hundreds of Donald Trump dying dreams, mostly assassination dreams. I’ve had 2 of them myself. But I feel like assassination is the only way to remove Donald Trump from office since he is so unpredictable and we don’t know what he is going to do next. Trump is very dangerous because he is not in his right mind and won’t listen to anyone.

    1. A Higher Power will Prevail and their will be portection, vexing for those who vex and Karma will be abound in astonishment! Be careful of what you wish for on others, and of how much you think you know!

    2. Trump may well assassinated in October 2019, after the Israel elections are over in September.
      There will no longer be any need for him in the office, and he has become a problem for the people in charge (“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15). The stock market will then suffer a severe correction, and there will a civil war in America between the Republicans and the Democrats.
      Religious freedom will be removed from society, and hatred for all foreign non English speaking countries will flourish. Finally when Americans have grown tired of fighting with each other, they will turn their hatred to Islam, and the prophecy of Albert Pike’s third world war will come to pass.
      Enjoy your freedom and democracy while it lasts, for the world is about to see some changes.
      Just remember that God will reward those who believe in him, and Jesus died for us on the cross so we could be free from sins of this world. Believe in god and you will be saved.

  2. I do not consider myself psychic. I do believe we all have spiritual gifts and guides who will allow channels to themselves if you are open to them. I have dreams and other contact, and I have been told repeatedly Donald Trump will be killed. Pence may or may not take over but not for long. I do not always understand until what they tell me until it comes to fruition. They told me about 9/11 (World Trade). However, I did not understand when they said to me nearly daily: “Urgent, Historic Event, Toxins in the Water and Air, Twins, Loss of Life and Vipers in Thy Own Government. ” Later of course, when it happened I understood. I was also shown in a dream Hurricane Sandy. So, I do believe what I am told about Trump will happen.

  3. It is true that we are all instruments of God. Some are to Bless one another, others are to test one another.
    Listen to Trump. Listen to his authority. It comes from another, not himself.
    Trump is an instrument of another. America is made very compromised by this other. It is obvious that we are being tested. Now we must wait and earn yet another period where we will be Blessed. Persons whom follow Trump are glassy eyed to his lies. Truth is ignored. I have seen this before, in episodes of demonic possession.

  4. Shame on you. Do you really think God would approve of your post? Bet Not! Only God has the right to tell someone it’s timeto come home. His Angels cannot do it either. Shame Shame , get a grip. Your totally going to be sorry if anything should happen to Trump! Trust me, I’m gifted too by the grace of God. Trump is in the WH for a very good reason. God

    1. How dare u write this post because of trump 50 innocent people in New Zealand were slaughtered including small children, innocent woman in Charlottesville was killed because of trump emboldening KKK, you trump supporters are evil minded murderers, this is not god

  5. As horrible as some might think I am, assassination is the only way to save our country. He should have already been impeached, but that won’t happen as long as Republicans are the majority.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Carolyn. I will rejoice if Trump is assassinated. And I hope Lindsay realize what Trump is doing to our nation. I heard on TV yesterday that the FED will be raising interest rates again. In fact they will be raising interest rates 2 more times this year. Though the economy is really hot right now, it may even get hotter before the bubble bursts. The stock market has already burst. Eventually all bubbles burst when they become over inflated. And what’s even more disturbing is how Trump loves his dictators. But I guess it takes a dictator like Trump to know a dictator like Kim Jong Un.

      1. How is it that you can take life so lightly and with such glee about the horrible possibility of another assassination of a US President? Trump has done more for the United States than your nasty, traitorous, back-stabbing liberals ever thought of doing. The dictator you speak of, Alice A, is your unfit Obama–who is not only a traitor, but a seditionist as well.

        1. Wow, what a “blog”!!!!!
          I guess you agree with socialism, murdering babies at live birth, giving the United States to Islam to enforce sharia law, and endless atrocities committed by Democrats. 9/11 was an inside job BTW. Tell your beloved Hillary to explain Benghazi, Whitewater, the satanic church she attends, her out blatant hatred of white Christians, her addiction to adrenochrome, Bohemian Grove, her collusion with Russians for the 2016 election, the list doesn’t ever end! Unfortunately fluoridation remains in tap water and Trump would fix that too if the Democrats would do their actual jobs for a change! In case you don’t know being psychic and all, your beloved Democrats are poisoning the water to make your brain numb. I had to spend all kinds of money for filtering water that should be free of poisons. Without President Trump, the thousands of pedophile sex rings would still be grabbing children. All Democrats are racists, bigot prejudice white shaming POS.

  6. Post

    I have decided that in the new year I want to be able to give more to those who read my blog posts and psychic predictions, I often receive emails or comments on various blog posts across my website asking for psychic predictions about certain celebrities or general questions for spirit about the spirit world and I want to get around to answering as many of you as I can. Some prediction posts have so many comments that I am now losing track of your requests for spirit so I’ve created a separate post for any of you who have questions you’d like answering, please just post your questions about spirit and psychic prediction requests in the comments section on this post (link below) and then I will start working through as many of them as I can in 2018 for you! 🙂

    1. Post
  7. Thank you Lyndsay. It’s kind of you to be concerned about him but I believe he’ll be in a better place and will relieve many others from suffering. If he does t pass on, he will likely wind up in prison. I think you can highlight happened on your prediction regarding the concert massacre. It happened in Las Vegas, unless your guide says that isn’t the one.

  8. Lyndsey, is it possible it won’t happen u til next OCT.? Most Americans are drained at best, depressed at worst. Can you share a possible new timeline. I know time is difficult for spirit to pin down. Please tell us if Mueller will bring him down before Trump try’s to fire the special prosecutor. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift!

    1. Post

      Hi Lily, spirit tell me that it’s really just a matter of time before the dreadful prediction happens. Trump is shown to win the war against ISIS first though and I was shown that the Russia investigation case will go on for a long time and Trump will be taken out before any charges can be brought against him, that being said I do feel it’ll be towards the end of next year and I was shown Trump’s funeral and it was winter time. I still hope that this prediction changes and Trump isn’t assassinated but spirit still tell me that he will be 🙁


  9. I studied with psychics for years and had two visions last spring of Trump being “beheaded” – my visions tend to be symbolic – NOT literal, so I took it to
    mean he would lose power swiftly and cleanly – in one fell swoop. He’d be taken down, so to speak. Whether that was jail, assassination, heart attack – I have no clue, but it helped me to relax about all the hatred & vitriol that giant toddler spews daily.

    So I am not at all surprised that Mueller is closing in on him. God is in charge and all is well.

    God Bless America, which by the way, trump fans – IS GREAT and always was!

    1. CJM, so well stated. It’s so sickening to see the lengths these idiots are taking to get Trump out of office. They have not 1 word to say about Obama’s sorry ass. He should have been impeached. He actually should not have even been considered for president, seeing how he was not a natural born citizen. WFT

    2. Wow, Trump makes hatered part of your life? I’m pretty sure that all on you sweetheart. See, I’m pretty sure we all can think and do as we shall, not as someone wants us to. Oh shit, that’s right, your one of those, ” I have to think like, do as and hang with these kids to be the “cool kid””. All human life amuses me to the fullest. Put the blame on someone else always. I bet you Christian too right? Yet you believe in abortions at the drop of a dime right? Smh, because GOD FORBID IF YOU THINK , ACT, OR POSSIBLY BE YOUR SELF. All of you morons need to come to grips with reality. Our government purposesly plays us against each other for one reason or another. Im pretty sure I knew this at birth, if you can’t figure it out by now, then I feel sorry for you. Actually NO, I don’t. You deserve to be as ignorant as you are. This is a dog eat dog world baby, this German Shepard is going to devour your ass. Survival of the fittest mentally and physically. Get it together, think for your damn self. Trump does not hold a gun to your head for you to be a hateful person, your naturally a hateful person. He’s doing what that sorry ass Obama or any other president didn’t have the BIGGEST BALLS to do. Accept change, stop being affraid of it, accept it and get on with your life. When you learn to accept change, and stop believing everything the government tells you IS 100% true, you’ll be much better off. 99.99% of what your government tells you or leads you to believe, is made up.

  10. Destroying ISIS is not a simple matter. It will likely take many many years for ISIS to be completely destroyed.
    We would all love to see ISIS destroyed but it is unlikely to happen in Donald Trump’s lifetime. I think it is just
    wishful thinking on the part of your spirit. I think you have too much faith in your spirit. Maybe he or she is
    only human and makes mistakes like we all do. To err is human to forgive is divine. Your spirit seems to be very
    human, sometimes right sometimes not right just like all of us.

    1. Post

      Hi Dennis,

      I stand by what my spirit guide has told me and they say it’s just a matter of time before their psychic predictions come to pass.


    1. Post

      Hi Jean,

      I checked with my spirit guide recently and he said that Donald Trump will destroy ISIS first and it’s really just a matter of time.


    1. Post

      Hi Deez,

      I checked with my spirit guide recently and he said that Donald Trump will destroy ISIS first and it’s really just a matter of time.


    1. Post

      Hi Liz,

      I checked with my spirit guide recently and he said that Donald Trump will destroy ISIS first and it’s really just a matter of time.


  11. I am an empath, somewhat. Did you warn the WH of your prediction? I’m getting the feeling the las Vegas hotel was a test dummy for security breaches. You haters on here realize that Trump has saved us from numerous Islamic terror attacks like the England, Germany and france? Don’t think that is real yet? Yes he is erratic, yes he comes off ridiculous, but his intentions are to keep us safe from it. Perhaps if the liberal leaders didn’t say “oh just don’t worry about it, it is only a few” we would not be in this situation. You righteous ones above, ignore half of the country’s worry about it and turn around by saying “racist”.

  12. I was watching an documentary on Youtube that was on Operation Northwoods when I had a vision of Trump standing in front of congress saying “we were justified in attacking North Korea.” I saw a huge crowd of protesters surrounded by tanks and armored vehicles and I heard a voice say “the war protesters are being rounded up” and “Trump is strengthening his power”.

    1. Well it’s now just about a year since you posted this nonsense and we are actually growing quite friendly with North Korea. People on here just make up the most rediculous “predictions”.

  13. I saw this too, the shooting and in October. I was surprised other intuitives saw this like I did- so thank you for sharing.

    1. I had a dream last February that Trump was drained and sickened by the weight of the office and in the end, he was killed. In my dream I saw him in a military funeral procession and I spoke to him just before he died, and he said, there will be war and the man in charge is weak

  14. And NO ONE is going to start a Civil War for a POTUS that doesn’t even help nor respect this country. Who is actually gonna fight for Trump during a Civil War? It sure won’t be the US army, navy, Marine Corps or any other federal entity bc once he is impeached then he no longer gets to use federal services. Wow! You would really rather fight a Civil War than see the writing on the wall and admit Donald Trump is a liar and a fraud who WOULDN’T FIGHT FOR YOU? YOU would rather destroy this country than to call the duck and duck and get rid of him via impeachment? Yeah you are really sad if that’s the case bc if you bear arms against the union of the United States then you are and always will be a TRAITOR! I THOUGHT y’all wanted to “make America great again?” Well fighting a civil war isn’t making it great again as much as making you look stupid always.

  15. Actually…”St Paul” Trump and his supporters… DON’T IN THE LEAST…”combat racism as much as they sanction it and create a bigger divide In this country. What in “IamShe’s” comment was ANYTHING even close the the racism in the earlier comment posted above her’s? If you’re so “against racism” then the prior comment should have been the comment you denounced. Trump is a horrible human being inside and out and UNLESS he is impeached or gone…this country will pay for his childish antics and crass mouth and behavior. Everyone has now seem this…EVEN PEOPLE WHO INITIALLY SUPPORTED HIM! SIMPLY ADMIT THAT you and all his other supporters made a mistake when you elected this psychopathic, childish monster as POTUS. IF you were any kind of good American then you would see that Trump has been a disaster as POTUS and for the better good of this country…he should be removed! You would rather support one man and let him tear this country down than to admit…y’all were wrong for voting him in. Hopefully NOW you see. He is more concerned with bullying ppl than helping ppl and that’s where his childish behavior is the most evident. You all elected a vain, selfish, and spoiled reality TV star. Make America Great again by impeaching Donald Trump

  16. Interesting comments. The riots are in the South for 4 days after a not guilty verdict for shooting an unarmed man who happened to be black. It is creepy to think many are reporting the 45 presiden’t fate. It is sheer torture to live through these times. Is there a prediction for the end of time on Sept. 23 or is it 24?
    Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all

  17. I love how you tell us that you don’t want Trump to be killed, but then go on to say how many people would be relieved and happy to see him killed. You also talk about the riots and chaos BEFORE an assassination…but how this country will be torn to shreds by civil war afterwards?? I don’t need to be psychic to predict that scenario at all.

  18. I have also had this thought and/or feeling come over me…that he would be taken or maybe should be taken out ….I am not at all into prediction …but I am a believer…… This maybe a generic thought about his assassination….but the kicker to all this is that my thought came across as a powerful crossbow ,Swift and quiet and unassuming…. It scared me that I had this same thought as this lady…. Whatever happens , I am hoping we can survive the turmoil and come out with a better life …right now it scares me the way the world has turned

  19. A thunk came to mind; “October 10 2017. I recalled a lot of nut-bars “firing up the grid” July 7,2007. The problem with this is you have to add all the numbers so fire up the grid ought to have been July 7 2005! I am talking numerology. Meanwhile, back to October 10 2017.
    October is a 10 as is the tenth day and 2017 adds to a 10. This is a triple 10 which further reduces to 3 the number of royalty.
    There is also something about Trump not being the 45th president but the 46th. If so, this is also a 10. This reduces to a 4 when added to the triple play and 4 is foundation perhaps for the NWO.
    Checking the solar tables for this date we find in Florida, when Trump has an estate called Key Largo, I found there is going to be 11h 22m of sun. This is a triple 11 which is a double royalty or 6 the number of man.
    The sunrise and sunset tables for this day reduces to a 5 Satan’s number i. e. Lord of the Rings of Saturn.
    This date falls on the 8th day of the Festival of Tents. 8 is the sun worshiper’s number.
    If it should come to pass it would at the time of the harvest. “They” will shut down the delivery systems creating a siege-like scenario. The savior to the American Dream is being set up for the big fall dashing everyone’s hopes and probably pinning it on some Muslim or black or anyone in the cross-hairs of the agenda.
    We left the 7th and final Blood Moon Tetrad which fell over the Americas. This is also the time of the 7th Fire.
    Hope I am wrong.

  20. Some one said that if ,Trump is killed there will be rioting in the streets. That his followers will go crazy. I’ve already felt this is going to happen. Not just those who voted for him but, hate spewing bigots of white hate groups and those against what they stand for. Get ready people a storm is coming and nothing like you have ever seen before. Trump is the
    Messiah to these people and we all know that, Almighty God is a jealous God.

  21. Did you predict that Trump would win? Either way he is well protected, I highly doubt anyone will be able to harm him. In fact, I think it’s likely this monster will serve two terms. I also think it’s pathetic his supporters are using “illegals” as scapegoats. The reason Trump supporters are so hateful and angry is because they have hard lives and refuse to take responsibility for their problems. It’s easier for them to blame others including the government rather than to work to improve their lives on their own. They would be unhappy regardless of who is running the country. It’s sad but hard to feel any sympathy for them.

    1. Post

      I’d never even heard of Trump before he announced the travel ban in Jan – I’m from the UK so had no idea about who he was or about the election over in the states etc. I was upset about the travel ban and that’s why my guide told me about Trumps fate and asked me to publish it for him, since then my guide talks to me quite a bit about Trump and say’s he is a good guy and his hearts in the right place, he’s got a difficult job to do and was chosen by god to do it so spirit are fully behind Trump and guiding him to achieve what he needs to achieve for the world in order to install some peace while he’s here on earth. Spirit tell me that after Trump has achieved what he’s set out to then he’ll be more understood and seen in a better light by the general public because he really is here for the greater good and the safety of innocent citizens.


  22. Unfortunately, rubbish like this is being taken as gospel… but there is a saying, ‘The World Gets What it Deserves,’ and it deserves ‘Our Donald!’

  23. Maybe, politically but not physically dead. It’s unchristian to think or wish a person to die. Just wish that whatever happens, America will survive!

    1. Post

      Spirit reassure me that America will be fine and I really hope this doesn’t happen – I’d never wish anyone dead, I’m just putting out there what spirit asked me to.


  24. Death is entrance to eternal life — so with that thought I’ll try to appease my guilt for feeling some sense of relief that this nightmare may end in the foreseeable future.

  25. A true psychic does not predict death, this is not a given gift to predict something that only god knows.
    Your prediction is not true imo.

    1. Post

      All psychics work differently and I respect that – my spirit guide asked me to publish his prediction so I did. God has people working for him who know his business and my spirit guide is one of them 🙂

      I believe everyone’s death is fated and so spirit guides can tell their psychics about them. I’ve been given psychic predictions about deaths by spirit before and they’ve been spot on, that being said I really hope that Mr Trump isn’t assassinated – i’d never wish that on anyone !!


    2. As for Trump, I also had a dream about Trumps assassination. You don’t have to be a psychic or a prophet of dreams to somehow see that Trump will be assassinated. And what’s a true psychic anyhow? The Bible sure don’t have anything good to say about them.

    1. I sure hope not. I didn’t like any of the candidates this time around. Trump is a lying Narcissist, Hillary Clinton has lots of trust issues, Jill Stein is too far too the left and Gary Johnson was a joke. I hope, whether Republican or Democrat, a moderate is put in. I don’t want Pence in either, but despite his extreme Christian attitude and not having to kiss Trump’s behind to keep his job, I think he will work with Congress if he becomes president. He was our governor who I thought did a great job for Indiana. I just hate his Christian Fundamentalist attitude. He really needs to give some sincere reading of the Bible before he starts judging those in the LGBT community and homosexuality. He would be shocked if he did and maybe abandon his Christian Fundamentalist attitude. Thank God most Christians aren’t like that. There are a few crackpots in every religion. Therefore, I’m trying to see the good in Pence and pray that he will lose his judgmental attitude.

  26. Thank you Lyndsay for sharing your vision. I needed to hear it. The election of this human monster has unsettled me for many months now.

  27. People who have visions just tell what they see. If it is death that is what it is. People who have visions are gifted and I have never met any who have wished anyone dead. Just because a person has a vision of a person being killed doesn’t mean they want it to happen, they are only telling what they see.
    As for Trump he is a racist windbag who said all the things that the right people wanted to hear and they put him in office and now they are sorry because he’s more unpredictable than they imagined. He was not the popular vote he was the racist vote those who have had a death grip on this country for years and why we cannot get past the problems in America. “United We Stand Divided We Fall,” that means ALL American’s not the select few.
    I wish no one dead but will not shed a tear if Trump was gone, not like I did when President Kennedy was killed. I will be glad that Trump is no longer in office and will pray for America because we still will be left with the racist and idiots that Trump put in the White House.
    You reap what you sew and he/Trump has sewed a lot of hate and divisions and B.S and all of us answer one day, why should he be any different? There will be little love loss across America … Good reddens to the no class rubbish

  28. I also had a vision that happened on 2/3/2017: I was taken in spirit and saw trump sitting on a bench outside with a gunshot wound in his heart. The blood had flowed down his shirt. He didn’t have a jacket or tie on. I saw trump was indeed dead once I got closer and told someone that he was dead.

    It is unwise to predict dates, but I feel like his assassination will be in the immediate near future.

  29. I wouldn’t care if he was assasinated.. He is so corrupt and I think he is absolutely unhinged. His whole family will be running the country and profit immensley. What a greedy, unethical family.

  30. A pretty famous couple I watch on YouTube went to a psychic & she predicted many accurate things about them & told them things about their future that seems right on, like they been together for awhile already & she predicted more success for the girl in whatever it is that she does (such is YouTube & she has been getting more successful) & kids by a certain age in a few years. Pretty right on. She also told them Trump would be assisnated, I believed it from the first day I heard it. This is the most unsettling presidency for many.

  31. Thinking the arrow may represents the Indians on the reservation that are protesting . Trump wants to put pipelines in their land which may cause contamination in their water and FrakIng to the earth.

    1. Hi all,
      I’ve never in my life wanted something bad to happen to someone, but this man, Trump, has fooled the people who support him. It’s like he’s hypnotized them, and they trust him. The truth is that he frequently lies, and then makes excuses for it, such as “I heard that…” or “I read that…” Basically his votaries will believe anything he says, because they emotionally need him, just like he emotionally needs them. When that relationship is broken – and I believe it will be — chaos will result. So, stock up on things, and stay safe. His need for love and attention, I believe will lead to his downfall. He creates problems for himself, such as with excessive tweeting, etc.

  32. President TRUMP has NOT BANNED any foreign person from entering MY country. Perhaps your guide can show you the truth about vetting to protect legal and illegal persons from terrorists who will kill us. Where is your outrage over illegals robbing, raping, murdering Americans while being supported by my taxes?

    1. Gracie: Wow! Your “outrage” is so uncontrollable you are bullying a “Psychic” and a “Spirit Guide”! Just so you’re clear, “Spirit Guides” are not human and probably, not interested in politics. You, whom I assume to be human, seem more interested in “Spirits” explaining politics than predicting the death of your President! You and less than 25% of all U.S citizens who voted for Trump search endlessly for victims to bully using your factually unsupported rhetoric and ego spun lies. You display little regard for the person (or spirit) you condemn or even for the format of your condemnation. Did you bother to read what you wrote, or did your irrational anger blind you so you couldn’t? “Vetting to protect legal and illegal persons from terrorists who will kill us” states you worry “illegals” will be killed by terrorists! I have a strong (non-psychic) feeling you’re not really concerned about “legal and illegal persons”. Exactly what makes a person legal or illegal? Is a person legal at birth and illegal if his/her parents are not married? I hope my subtle sarcasm hasn’t confused you, but what should be as clear, as the red on your neck, is this: Before you bully people with uninformed sound bites and baseless rhetoric, do some research. Before writing slurs about immigrants, take an English class and learn proper grammar. Many of those “illegals” you eagerly denigrate possess writing skills far superior to yours! Additionally, many easily “trump” your president in compassion, wisdom and understanding.

      1. YOUR rage is uncontrollable and child like. Here you are making racial slurs such as: “the red on your neck”. That is low class, mean spirited, and all around bigoted. This is the kind of low- frequency vibration human behavior that Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to combat. GROW UP!

        1. Combat? It is Trump and his supporters that are racial bigots full of hate where Trump don’t even respect women. Did you see the most recent violence at the White House this week? Trump is trying to suppress the freedom of speech, trying to shut down the news media, and tried to ban those from, MIND YOU, Muslim nations which he didn’t get done because some of the judges stepped in.

          In fact Trump has made threats directly to the Muslims and a lot of other dictatorial statements. I hope you start watching the news more and reading more because Trump is a lying, disrespectful, bigoted narcissistic dictator who has divided this country so much that I’m surprised civil war hasn’t broke out. So don’t tell me that Trump and his supporters is trying to combat the kind of thing that IAmShe speaks of.

    2. illegals? do you know how many born and bred americans murder rape and steal everyday? YOUR taxes are but a grain of salt in the entire clockwork of this country. don’t be negative and naive. be educated and compassionate. your family are not indigenous to this country.

      1. PheneX: You are right. There are far fewer illegals robbing, raping, murdering, stealing, drug dealing, etc. than American citizens. Our country needs a good cleansing!

  33. I too am an empath. I am a little blocked, but after the election I too had a premonition he would be assassinated by someone. I was standing in my kitchen. I felt and saw the events for a split second then, looked at my husband and said Donald Trump is going to be assassinated. I don’t get the month though. It felt sooner than October is all I can say.

  34. I am also an empath. However, I have been blocked for a long, long time. I have not gotten any visions or premonitions. I used to get strong feelings and some images. I haven’t for a while though. I hope he does not die. As bad as he is, I just can’t wish death on any human being. I have, however, been getting strong feelings about something maybe happening to him…

    1. Post

      Hi Rose,

      I hope he isn’t killed too and I would never wish it on anyone – it’s an awful prediction it really is! I hope you can find a way to unblock and embrace your spiritual gift.

      Love and light,

    2. Really?! Not Hitler, not Genghis Khan, Charles Manson (still crazy), Aileen Wuornos, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Jung…These are all people that you feel should be allowed to live among us?

  35. Interesting Lyndsay. P.s.when you say you were “balling ” your eyes out , the word is actually ” bawling” !It’s just semantics ,but it’s as well to know the correct words I think . Thank you for the insight !

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