Spiritual Diaries - Spirit Told Me To Do The JUDDD Diet Psychic Lyndsay

Spirit Told Me To Do The JUDDD Diet

Spiritual Diaries – Spirit Told Me To Do The JUDDD Diet

Many years ago, in 2011 to be precise I was struggling with weight gain after quitting smoking, I was pleased to have finally kicked the bad habit but I was most definitely replacing cigarettes with food and I desperately needed something to change and give me focus to get back to a healthy weight. I tried everything and kept failing as my mind set wasn’t there then one morning I woke up after spirit had visited me in my sleep, I literally woke up and shot up right immediately – this never happens as I am not a morning person at all and it takes me a good while to come round. As I sat up right I felt this over powering sensation and I was told very strongly to do the Up Day Down Day Diet, this feeling was so strong and couldn’t be mistaken, it was just like when I was pregnant and spirit told me “you’re having a boy and he’s called Kyle”.  I’d first heard about this diet by Dr Johnson when living in Australia as a girl I was working with at the time was doing it, I googled the diet and started it that day. Sure enough spirit were right and the diet worked for me, it helped me to stop overeating and get back into a healthy mindset and healthy eating routine, it also made me crave healthy foods rather than junk. I no longer eat junk food at all due to being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2017, I know follow a whole foods plant based diet with the occasional bit of fish thrown in but if you’re interested in Dr Johnson’s diet plan for health then you can find out more here.

Let me know about your spiritual encounters in the comments below and if you’ve tried the JUDDD diet how did you find it?

Love & Light,

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Spiritual Diaries - Spirit Told Me To Do The JUDDD Diet Psychic Lyndsay

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