Spotify’s redesign is so bad that I’m considering switching to Apple Music

“Thanks, I Hate It” is the name of a pretty funny song by pop punk band Simple Creatures, it was also my exact reaction to the news that Spotify is being redesigned. The popular music streaming service is one of my daily essentials, and until now its well-designed homepage and interface were a big part of why I’ve largely ignored rivals such as Apple Music.

But the service’s upcoming new TikTok-inspired look has me wondering if the grass could be a little greener on the other side. Indeed, despite Spotify being a music streaming service, the redesigned homepage seems to be less about highlighting new tracks, artists, and playlists, and more about video content and podcasts. And that makes me consider a change in the near future.

Spotify tries to fix what isn’t broken

An image of three smartphones shows Spotify's new redesign for 2023

(Image credit: Spotify)

I would argue that Spotify’s homepage redesign is a fundamentally flawed undertaking. The application already has a very well structured interface which is really effective in offering you relevant recommendations. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s spotlighted an artist I’ve never even heard of who quickly became a new favorite.

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