Terror Attacks - Psychic Prediction

Terror Attack Explosion – Psychic Prediction

Terror Attack Explosion – Psychic Prediction

Date: 31th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I’ve just heard the news about the terror attack in New York, it’s so sad and my prayers are with everyone affected. I’ve asked my spirit guide why he didn’t tell me about it so we could warn the police beforehand and he says he can’t watch all of the potential terrorists all of the time as there’s just too many of them, he does try to check on as many as he can and see where they’re up to with their plans and he does ask me to publish them on here when he see’s their plots. I just feel so helpless at times but on the other hand the police don’t listen to me/spirit anyway, I’ve sent them information which I haven’t published on here previously and it’s been ignored so what can I do other than pray that Trump hurry’s up and destroys ISIS for good!

I am being shown by spirit another terror attack currently being planned, this one will be an explosion/huge fire in winter time. It looks quite a significant explosion/fire in a public place with devastating consequences and there will be school children in or around this place.  I keep hearing it’ll be one of the worst terror attacks the country has ever seen and I am shown people having to wait frantically to find out if their loved ones are safe or were caught up in the attack. It seems to have a huge impact as I watch the devastation unfold and I think it’s in France with a connection to Belgium. The fire will take a good while to get under control and the searching for people afterwards will be ongoing for sometime.

I’m praying for everyone’s safety at this scary time.

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Love and light,

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    1. Post

      I know but I keep publishing them in the hope that one day they will and then I can work with them to help prevent terrible things happening and also help find missing people – that’s the dream !


  1. Will Isis ever be stopped ? If so when? I live in a small town 45 mins away from Oxford city and apparently there are people who work for Isis there so they’re pretty close to home which is scary.

  2. I had a vivid dream last night about two or three military planes being shot down and exploding over the sea near the shore in Dinard (France). Then there was more shooting and bomb-dropping from over-head, all terrifying. I’m not a psychic, but this felt so real, and not something I’d usually dream about 🙁

  3. Hi Lyndsay,

    Actually, I thought there’s one of your prediction about the terror attack, but you thought it was in the UK and also said it would happen somewhere near the water.

    “04/10/2017 Terrorist rams innocent victims with his vehicle near a beach/pier in the UK

    But, I really was thinking about the US. city when I first read it, I thought it could be up north somewhere by the ocean, it turned out the lower Manhattan and it’s near the water. I thought it was the accurate prediction, you were right!!

    I’m sending you an email tomorrow about the payment/appointment on this weekend for my telephone prediction. I’m looking forward to talking to you soon. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi OJ,

      Unfortunately I’ve checked with my spirit guide and this psychic prediction is for the UK and I think it’ll happen somewhere unexpected so not in a big city but maybe somewhere like Cornwall or Brighton 🙁

      Looking forward to reading for you,

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