The 5 Best Meme Coins Are Set To Make A Surprise Rally This Week

Meme coins are altcoins that were first designed for fun, then evolved to have real utility in the crypto industry. Dogecointhe world’s first meme piece, pioneered the space, with Shiba Inu following in its footsteps.

These tokens can be fun and all, but with the growing popularity of meme coins, investors could find both joy and gain! Investing in these top 5 coins should make any investor’s portfolio glow green.

Here are five meme coins that have the potential to make a surprise rally in the coming days.

These Meme Coins are seen climbing high


Among the Shiba inu-themed meme coins is the little-known Rich Quack, a duck-themed cryptocurrency with a vibrant community supporting the project. According Phoenix GroupRich Quack is one of the most socially active coins even in space, being only behind Shiba Inu by a small margin.

Based on data from Quinceko, the token flashes green at all timeframes, with the largest gains being made every two weeks at 11%. At the current price of the token, we could see more price movement as the bulls attempt to consolidate above its current support at $1.6731.


Floki inu is one of the popular Shiba inu themed tokens available in the market. With a market capitalization of nearly $500 million due to Floki’s recent listings on several major exchanges such as KuCoin, ALL RIGHTwith a possible Binance registration in the future. This caught the attention of many investors, pushing the token’s trading volume to nearly $200 million on the day of registration.

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Although the price of FLOKI has been declining since hitting its high of $0.00006793, the token is still showing growth over the past few periods. Those looking to get on FLOKI should help the bulls defend its support at $0.00003774, which would allow the token to aim for higher highs.


Another lesser known piece, Dejitaru Tsuka, is currently ranked 270 in CoinGecko’s list of cryptocurrencies, posting medium to long-term gains. The Japanese lore-themed token is very mysterious, with few updates on its official Twitter page. However, the token recently reached 10,000 holders, which is a testament to the dedication of the TSUKA community to the crypto project.

At the support of $0.11756, the bulls may have enough room to have an explosive move higher if the momentum allows. However, the bulls are facing resistance at $0.15815 which needs to be broken in the medium to long term to allow freedom of movement.

Dog Themed Coin Darlings


A Shiba inu themed token, Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) is a self-proclaimed deflationary token that is currently one of the most socially active tokens available on the market. With a market capitalization of over $500 million, BABYDOGE offers investors a supportive community that is currently push for the listing of the token on Binance.

At the price of $3.1, support for the token is bolstered by the bulls at $3.012 which, if sustained, will be the launch pad for BABYDOGE’s future bullish price move. Investors should monitor the current support of the token as it is a crucial support for the token.

DOT total market cap at $8.6 billion on the daily chart | Chart:


The “grandfather” of all meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE) has the potential to rise even higher. At the time of writing, DOGE is next to 8% within the weekly time frame.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.0882 with support at $0.08585. The token’s small trading range can be the catalyst for a big bullish move in the medium to long term. This means a strong bullish and bearish fight and it is only a matter of time to find out who won the fight.

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