The foul language of Penn State fans “a bad look”

After the Rutgers basketball team rallied by 19 points to win at Penn State 59-56 on Sunday night, the vice president of Penn State’s student-fan organization, the Legion of Blue, sent a message to members of the group berating them for using vulgar language “directed at members of the Rutgers basketball team”.

The post also cited racist language, but a member of Rutgers’ traveling band who was sitting on the court, when contacted late Sunday night by USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey, said he heard no taunts. racist amid what he described as a stream of vulgarities that showered the team throughout the game.

Penn State Athletic Department officials released a statement to USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey on the matter Monday afternoon:

“Penn State Athletics, along with other university administrators, is aware of the reported interactions between the student section and the Rutgers men’s basketball team on Sunday. We have been in communication with Legion student group leaders of Blue, and we do not condone the inappropriate actions of certain people on Sunday night.The Blue Legion has been a strong supporter of Penn State Basketball for many years and has historically represented itself in a positive manner while encouraging the Nittany Lions. These reported actions are irrelevant to the band and its management is aware of the behavioral expectations of all fans. Failure to comply may be grounds for ejection from the venue, as well as the possibility of ticket revocation and, in some instances, reference to authorities Fan conduct is important to the experience of all Penn State teams and visitors and our obj ective is to create a competitive, yet welcoming environment.”

Students sit behind benches at Penn State

The Legion of Blue post was posted on the GroupMe mobile messaging app and sourced and tweeted by Noah Riffe, a photo editor at Gannett. Riffe told USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey that he contacted the sender of the message, Blue Legion Vice President Noah Odige, who did not deny the authenticity of the message.

At the Bryce Jordan Center, students sit behind the benches.

“There are lines we don’t cross as fans,” the post read. “Police have issued a warning to Athletics.”

Penn State Police Department officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“The privilege to sit behind the pews will be revoked if this behavior continues,” the post read. our program and the university as well.

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