The Glory Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Ending Explained


The end of Glory is undeniably a mess, but it manages to fix just about every problem while hinting that there might be more to come.

This article contains major spoilers for The Glory Season 1 Episode 16, including an open discussion about The Glory Part 2 ending.

The end of Glory could charitably be described as “everywhere”. Some might call it a complete mess, though there is undeniably a great sense of catharsis and even touching emotion amid the very many issues he feels he needs to address. Either way, though, there’s a lot going on within it, and the extra-long runtime feels necessary to house not just a conclusion to the first season, but also, in some ways, a setup. for the second. We are here to explain everything to you.

Given the unusual structure of this episode, we won’t necessarily go through it chronologically, but we’ll summarize how each of the key subplots unfolded and what happened to the main characters.

The Glory season 1 episode 16 recap

Who killed Myeong-o?

This might seem like an obvious question since we’re assuming that Yeon-jin has been killing him this whole time. She herself even believes it, and finally the authorities too. This episode, however, reveals that it was actually Kim Gyeong-ran who dealt the final blow to Myeong-o.

Gyeong-ran was the victim the gang settled on after Dong-eun, and they kept her as something halfway between an employee and a slave. She had lived a life of utter fear, never daring to rise up against her oppressors, but Dong-eun clearly inspired her. To my knowledge, however, no one knows except Dong-eun, to whom Gyeong-ran confesses.

How is Yeon-Jin arrested?

During her confession, Gyeong-ran gives Dong-eun the murder weapon, which she kept hidden. Since Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong have already done the heavy lifting in terms of planting Yeon-jin’s DNA on Myeong-o so the police can match it to the DNA found on the recovered lighter. at the scene of So-hee’s death, this evidence is the final nail in Yeon-jin’s coffin. Dong-eun plants him in Siesta and gives the police an anonymous tip, which leads them straight to him.

When Yeon-jin receives a video in which the murder weapon is visible in the background, she rushes to Siesta and comes across the CSI police team investigating the scene. She is arrested on the spot.

How does Jae-jun die?

With Yeon-jin more or less dealt with, Dong-eun sets her sights on Jae-jun, and she hires Hye-jeong to do it. Now mute after being stabbed in the neck by Sa-ra, Hye-jeong is desperate for revenge, so she agrees to trade Jae-jun’s glaucoma drops for a more toxic replacement. While this is certainly a contributing factor to Jae-jun’s demise, it’s not quite the end of the story.

Blinded, Jae-jun ends up getting boned in his car and, after crashing into a construction site, hears movement nearby. He is eventually pushed from the top of the site into a pool of cement by a man who is not clearly identified but is obviously Do-Yeong.who leaves for the UK with his daughter Ye-sol.

The end of glory part 2

Do Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong end up together?

Episode 15 ended on a cliffhanger with the revelation that Yeo-jeong knew about So-hee and Dong-eun’s mission even before they were officially introduced. That’s true, but there’s nothing particularly sinister about his motives. He decided from the start that he would do anything for Dong-eun, even becoming his tormentor, as he believed so strongly in his mission due to his own experience of losing his father to a sadistic murderer named Yeong-cheong.

Dong-eun asks Yeo-jeong to help him until “the end”. When her mission is complete, she interprets the ending as suicide, however, Yeo-jeong’s mother implores her to keep living so she can help Yeo-jeong live her own life. He’s still in grief hell, and she doesn’t believe he’ll be able to survive it without Dong-eun. So, she agrees, and in a reversal of the dynamic we’ve seen throughout the season, she becomes his tormentor and helps him exact revenge on Yeong-cheong.

SO, Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong end up together. It is implied that they complete their revenge mission and then move on to new pastures, which is imagined to be even more revenge. They’ll need another pair of hands for that, and Glory ends with Hyeon-nam receiving a text from Dong-eun telling her she needs an assistant again.

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