The Worst Fruits for Weight Loss, According to Nutritionists

While fruit is generally considered a healthy food (and a great sweet treat!), some fruits are not on the list of best fruits to help you lose weight. Fruits contain the vitamins, nutrients and fiber you need to stay healthy. Like any food, you should eat fruit in moderation. It is also important to choose the type of fruit you eat wisely. Consuming too many sweet fruits could gain weight. While still better than a bag of chips, some fruits are worse than others. Stay away from dried fruits And tropical fruit if you want to lose weight.

To learn more about why nuts and tropical fruits are so bad for weight loss, we reached out to Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet and nutrition coach, and Dr. Craig Primack, weight loss physician. They said dried fruit is detrimental to weight loss goals because water has been removed from dried fruit. Thus, it concentrates all the sugar and calories into a much smaller package. And tropical fruits like mango, papaya, and pineapple aren’t great for weight loss because they contain more sugar than other types of fruit. Continue reading to learn more!

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Dried fruit

Dried fruits are fruits from which almost all of the water has been removed by drying methods. The fruit shrinks during this process, leaving a small, dried fruit. Raisins, dates, prunes, figs and apricots are the most common types of dried fruit. Other varieties of dried fruit are also available and sometimes in candied (sugar coated) form. These include mangoes, pineapples, cranberries, bananas, and apples. After the drying process, dried fruits can be stored much longer than fresh fruits. Many people eat them as a snack or added to their salad, oatmeal, or even yogurt.

But, when consumed in excess, dried fruits can actually have a destructive effect on your health and weight loss goals. We understand why you might think this snack would be healthy, but unfortunately all the nutrients that were previously found in fruit have been stripped out.

“Dried fruit tends to be higher in sugar than what I prefer to eat, mainly because it’s so concentrated in nature,” says Richards. “This variety of fruit, regardless of type, is significantly high in calories and sugar.”

While fresh fruit is known for its sugar content, fiber generally balances it out. But the dried variant lacks much of the fiber that makes fruit so good for weight loss. “This is mainly due to the method of preparation which causes a high concentration of sugar and calories in a small serving. Due to the small size of the dried fruits, it is easy to overeat from these snacks and the calories accumulate. quickly,” Richards cautions.

tropical fruits

“Everything is fine in moderation; that being said, many are not good at moderation when it comes to eating and dieting,” says Dr. Primack. And that includes what Dr. Primack says are “tropical” fruits. Tropical fruits are considered bananas, papayas, mangoes and pineapples.

Tropical fruits and vegetables grow in hot, humid regions of Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Oceania. “This category tends to be higher in sugar and calories than other fruit groups (berries and fruits that grow in the continental United States), and if you’re trying to avoid sugar, it’s best to avoid this group. ” Tropical fruits can contain hidden calories that can hamper your weight loss plans. It is best to avoid these fruits as they are also excessively sweet.

So nutritionists and weight loss experts like Richards and Dr. Primack suggest avoiding dried fruits and tropical fruits. These are the worst fruits for weight loss because they provide no nutritional benefit or are excessively high in sugar and calories. Instead, opt for fruits like blueberries and grapefruits which provide fiber and metabolism boosting properties. Your body will thank you!

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