Theresa May To Step Down & Donald Trump To Win The War On Terrorism Psychic Prediction - Psychic Lyndsay

Theresa May To Step Down & Donald Trump To Win The War On Terrorism

Theresa May To Step Down & Donald Trump To Win The War On Terrorism

Date: 25/03/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

This week there was a huge shift in my spiritual commitment and beliefs, it’s not that I didn’t believe before of course I did but I am always pushing and pushing spirit for more and more proof and I do occasionally doubt them and question what they tell me. This isn’t to be ungrateful or unbelieving but I believe if I am going to do psychic readings for others and publish psychic world predictions then I need to be sure and know what I am doing. Spirit are obviously very aware of how I am and feel and they’ve sent me many tests recently to test my commitment to them and this work, this week I have passed those tests with flying colors and been praised by spirit for my hard work and commitment to move up the psychic ladder. They actually threw me the most amazing and stunningly beautiful graduation party – if you will but I don’t really like the word graduation because to me it sounds complete and I know this psychic journey and process is really just getting started, I have so so much more to learn, develop and give to the world. In fact just now my spirit guide has informed me that now I have moved up a psychic level and reached this spiritual point, I am reminded that I came back to earth to complete a mission and this mission can now begin fully. This mission does involve exposing certain things around the globe and shedding light on various situations. There is so much terror and horrific things going on all around the world currently and it’s a vicious circle which needs to be broken down bit by bit exposure by exposure. Where to start is the question ?

Well firstly my spirit guide wants to talk about Theresa May and says that she’s very shaky/wobbly at the moment and behind closed doors she isn’t coping emotionally as she should with all of the job pressures. She feels massively out of her depth and is questing what she’s got herself into. She is putting on a brave face in public but she is really scared about the job responsibilities and scared she’s going to mess up really bad. She can’t catch her breath with the job of prime minister and feels like she can’t have even just 30 seconds to herself. She is currently longing for someone to come in and save her from the job, even wishing for something bad – but not too bad just bad enough to happen so that she can no longer do the job and must step down with great relief all while pretending to be sad about it to the public. I am shown that her wish will come true and she’ll be able to step down gaining much sympathy from the media, public and those around her but this stepping down is somewhat planned on her part, she’s currently desperate to step down. I feel the reason given for stepping down may be around family issues and family health but she does use her family’s situation as an easy escape route out of a job she wishes she never got. She will want to keep out of the public eye after stepping down and may even go into hiding so to speak but I am shown that the press will give her a bit of a hard time and be quite relentless in looking out for anything negative they can publish about her. The press will report that she’s had a breakdown, started drinking, gone into rehab etc but really she just needs to escape all of the current stresses and issues she is facing in her job and then she’ll be fine. Spirit mention how not everyone is cut out for that line of work and Theresa isn’t, she’s drowning in it and fears relations with the white house. She is concerned about Donald Trumps plans and doesn’t feel emotionally strong enough right now to challenge him, she fears Trumps decisions around immigration and the war on ISIS will bring about more terrorism and she’s right it will. I mentioned in a recent blog post that London will be bombed by ISIS during the war on terrorism. Theresa knows that Trumps actions are going to cause retaliation against the western world and especially London but she also knows that she isn’t strong enough to challenge Trump and go against him. She will bow down to his way of thinking and stand by his side even though on the inside she doesn’t fully agree with him, she doesn’t think that his way of fighting the war on terrorism is the right approach but she will go along with it – almost for an easier working life but she’s so scared of the consequences. I ask spirit if Donald Trumps way of approaching the war on terrorism is the best way to go about it and I am told that ISIS need to be stopped and there are many ways in which that can be done, Trump just has to choose one and it may not be the best but with the military on his side he is going to succeed in bringing ISIS down and I’m sure we’ll all agree that that is certainly needed. I am told that Trump will accomplish what he’s set out to while in presidential power and he will celebrate his success before being assassinated. The assassination is a retaliation for stopping ISIS but there’s only a few individuals who feel this way and they will soon fizzle out completely and no longer be present here on earth. People will see Donald Trump in a different light when he wins the war on terrorism and they’ll understand him and warm to him a bit more – not everyone but most people. A lot of people will be emotionally hurt by what goes on around the world during this war and I am referring to terror attacks on innocent people including women and children and the bombing of London city. I see that the bomb dropped from a plane over London will hit Big Ben or at least land very close to it hitting the building attached.

I am shown that Theresa May will announce that she is stepping down in August and I am given October time for this to be fully completed and for her to be hiding from the public eye. Spirit still mention June time for the war on ISIS and for ISIS to be squashed and I still see October for Donald Trump to be assassinated. There is going to be more poverty created in the world due to Donald Trumps war against terrorism, some parts of the world will have to literally start over – it’ll be like going back hundreds of years, they’ll be left with nothing and I mean nothing. There will be a lot of praying going on this year and a lot of uncertain and scary times thanks to the war which is upon us but I am shown that the dust will settle and we’ll then have the opportunity to rebuild and help each other heal and find the strength to forgive. Spirit reassure me that the world needs fixing and what’s going to happen over the next six months may be brutal and harsh at times but it is all part of a master plan to fix earth and bring about more healing. Lots more people will be spiritually awakened this year and certainly over the next two years, lightworkers who have come back to earth to help and heal will be awakened and realize their true life purpose and start to go about doing what they came to earth to do. There will be a coming together of lightworkers (publicly) in 2018 and I hear the words there is strength in numbers, these lightworkers will bring about a very powerful healing across the globe.

I am shown a huge protest in London after the bombing and the streets will be absolutely full to the brim with angry people wanting answers from the government about how this plane managed to get into our airspace and bomb us without being stopped by the RAF. Theresa May will be at the brunt of this protest and this will create more animosity against Donald Trump. I feel the protest is shortly before Theresa May steps down so July/August time. I am also shown that Italy will be bombed multiple times (possibly on the same day) during this war on terrorism which will cause a lot of devastation physically and of course emotionally. The Pope will be beheaded by ISIS this year and they will film it for the world to see. Spirit tell me that people will be left feeling like ‘why Italy and why get Italy so bad?’, I am told it’s done for the shock factor and nothing more.  I am made aware that a lot of Trumps progress with the war may initially be kept top secret and people will question what on earth is going on but he and his team are actively working to bring down ISIS for good and the terror attacks we will see start to unfold around the world are actually retaliations from what’s going on behind the scenes which we’re not initially made aware of. This war is going to get pretty crazy and it’ll be a scary time for all, feelings of the second world war with planes bombing from above are being shown to me.

Spirit inform me that Trump has a clear plan of how to tackle ISIS in his mind and has already started giving these orders out to the appropriate people. I do see troops being sent in on the ground to tackle ISIS as well as support from the air. This is a big job but spirit say someone has to do it, I am shown Donald Trump being assassinated again and it isn’t in America, I hear the country Afghanistan so I feel it may be there or certainly near there but it is a country where he has been welcomed to give a speech and during that speech he is hit from a roof top. I am told his killer feels it’s worth the sacrifice of being shot dead himself, he really believes that killing Trump is worth dying for.

Spirit show me a uniting of the people after this war and more friendships and connections being formed which wouldn’t have happened before, it’s almost like people give up on being hostile or ignorant to what they don’t know about and become more accepting and tolerant of others and different cultures. I am shown that we’ll be led to happier and calmer times with much less worries.

Love & Light,

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  1. Hi Lyndsay, I am very interested in what you have to say, but I am curious where you see Putin in all of this. I have no trouble believing you are on to more than what meets the eye, but I can’t help but be curious as to how he is not a key player in your described scenario.

  2. Boris Johnson David Davis or someone else will become Prime minister once Theresa May resigns that is what I believe what will happen go to David

  3. Hi Lyndsay
    I came across your website whilst I was searching for predictions on the UK general election. I have read your other predictions which sound terrifying but I can also see how the Universe is bringing humanity to a critical point – a crossroads or make or break situation. Anyway, I have been reading about the US military attacks in Raqqa, Syria this month which is a stronghold of ISIS. Russia is not happy about this as Raqqa is a no go zone. I thought you might be interested as it supports your prediction that time is limited for ISIS. In their panic to grasp control I can see the retaliation for this being significant. Stay safe and love and light back to you x

    1. Post

      Hi Nathan,

      I think the public are now seeing a small segment of what Trump is currently doing to fight the war on terrorism and I think over the next few months and especially in June we’ll see a lot more from him in regards to defense.


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