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The Types Of Psychic Readings I Offer

All psychics and mediums work differently and offer different types of readings, this is usually due to their abilities and their spirit guides abilities. I think it’s fantastic that we all work different and offer different things during a reading as each client will be looking for something different depending on their reason for seeking a reading at that particular time. I want to let you know how I work and the types of readings and services that I offer so that as a client you know which service to choose to ensure you can get the best from your reading.

Psychic Readings

The psychic readings I offer can be tailored to suit your requirements, I can let spirit lead the whole reading and pass over the information they bring forward or you can direct spirit towards a certain area in your life, you can also ask spirit direct questions and receive direct answers. My spirit guides however will always focus on the significant aspects of your life, you may find this too deep and be looking for more of a general reading but my guides like to deal with outcomes of situations and anything which is significant for your souls journey while here on earth, for example you may be interested in learning more about your career path but if your career path isn’t apart of your souls life purpose then my guides will discuss it briefly before going into great detail about any experiences your soul will have throughout your career path which will help your soul grow, develop and fulfill some of it’s life lessons/soul growth. This insight can be too deep for some clients or just seem to be going off track. Sometimes my guides will start giving information about a certain situation to help you without even stating that it’s one of your souls chosen lessons while here on earth – this often happens and people can sometimes feel that they wanted more in-depth career details but unless your career is your souls life purpose my guides just won’t go into too much detail about it – they only deal with the most significant experiences in your life in order to help your soul at the time of the reading and most importantly going forward.  It took me a while to get my head around the way in which my spirit guides work but now I fully understand it and their reasons for working in this way, I am pleased to be able to offer significant psychic readings specialising in life purposes, soul growth and relationships.

Mediumship Readings

I also work with my spirit guides to connect clients with their loved ones in the spirit world, my guides will assist in bringing your loved ones forward and allow them to communicate directly with me – I will also call upon my guides during these readings for any additional insight if needed/required. Mediumship readings are fully led by your loved ones in the spirit world and I have no control over who comes forward or the messages/insight they bring – I am just the messenger. I really enjoy offering mediumship readings to my clients and bringing them proof that their loved ones are at peace and still very much with them in spirit.


I have been performing spells for a while now – all positive spells with the best of intentions, I have had great results from house moves, new jobs, fertility and stopping bullying. It’s amazing what spirit can achieve for us when needed, I work with my guides to perform the spells and the length of time taken for each spell and the results varies, some work much faster than others and it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the situation and how quickly spirit can move things correctly in order to bring about your desires without any negative consequences. I perform spells for myself and my family members regularly for various reasons and each time they have taken different lengths of time. The more specific you’re in your spell requirements the more you’ll be pleased with the outcome as you’ll get exactly what you ask for.


Love & Light,

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  1. Well that explains a whole bunch of stuff! I remember asking the same question about career but what I got was more to do with settling down with a partner and having children!

    It’s funny because we ask about career questions as some of us are concerned if we will get any where in life only for it to be dismissed as not that important!

    I guess spirit may see the bigger picture but it’s things like career that are important to us because it’s knowing if we will be able to support ourselves in the long run. There is so much uncertainty and worry in life that we jus need to know for peace of mind.

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