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A Visit From God

Spiritual Diaries – A Visit From God


Ok so I’ve had a visitation from one of God’s angels which was spectacular to say the least but more recently I have had an actual visit from God himself. I couldn’t believe it, well I could because there is no mistaking it but seriously!!!! He took me high up and as we looked down across the earth he turned to me, placed his hand on my shoulder and said “you have a job to do my child”. Gosh, WOW, ekkkkk! I know I do and I know exactly why he came to see me and tell me this and I know what I have to do for him. What struck me was that he called me his child, I have often heard religious people refer to us all as God’s children here on earth but I never really thought about it that way until God said it to me. It’s quite amazing really and I’m struggling to put it into words how it feels to have a visitation from God, some very magical and spectacular things have happened since I started working with spirit full time and this is one of those moments I will never ever forget 🙂 I just feel so blessed in one way and then there’s a small insecure part of me which thinks why me though, it’s hard at times to get my head around the fact that I have been chosen and given all of these incredible spiritual gifts to do God’s work and even though my spirit guides tell me and show me that I agreed to all of this while in the spirit world before coming back to earth this time around – the human in me still has the odd moments of thinking whaaaaaa! This is so crazy in such a beautiful and magical way, I just pray I don’t screw it up.  Working with spirit is a huge responsibility and sacrifice, I don’t take these responsibilities lightly and I work very hard each day to move towards completing God’s work for him while here on earth.

Love & Light,

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Spiritual Diaries - A Visit From God - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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  1. I love reading your blog entries, you are so lovely and humble. I’m happy that you’re being guided so well.
    Peace and love to you and your loved ones 🙂

    1. Post

      Thank you Tamar, I have to write them down as I have so many and I don’t want to forget these special moments – I want to treasure them forever 🙂

      Love & Light to you,

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