Why The 2023 Oscars Red Carpet Color Is Champagne Instead Of Red – Variety

As global audiences begin to tune in to the 95th Academy Awards, one thing that’s sure to surprise viewers is the creative decision to not have a red carpet, but instead have a champagne-colored runner. But can this bold choice withstand the traffic on Hollywood’s biggest night? UPDATE: He can’t, and the backlash is already brewing.

“I think the decision to go with a champagne carpet rather than a red carpet shows how confident we are that no blood will be shed,” Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel joked at the rollout ceremony. .

It’s the first time since 1961 that the famous Oscars red carpet hasn’t been red, one of many significant changes for this year’s ceremony, including a new dress code and the addition of a “team crisis” at the Oscars.

The Oscars have hired the creative team behind the annual Met Gala, this team is led by Lisa Love (former editor of Vogue) and the creative director of the Gala, Raúl Àvila.

In an interview with The Associated Press shortly after the rug was unrolled, Love said: “We chose this beautiful sienna, saffron color that evokes sunset, because it’s sunset before the sun sets. ‘golden hour.’

However, the change appears to be causing organizers headaches. With global news crews broadcasting and publicists surveying the area ahead of the arrival of talent such as Austin Butler, Lady Gaga, Michelle Yeoh and many more, the carpet is already getting dirty.

Variety overheard that dirty pieces of carpet needed to be quickly recut and replaced behind the scenes so that no contestant noticed the stains. That being said, Oscar nominee Angela Bassett is enjoying the change. “The mat is different…I don’t mind,” Bassett said. Variety. “It goes with what I wear in a nice way.”

Meanwhile, people online (and Oscar nominees) are having fun pointing out the potential pitfalls of this decision.

In addition to changes like the champagne carpet, other additions implemented by the new carpet team include an updated dress code for staff members, press and publicists. The rules were revealed earlier in the week via email stating that “there are design elements in place intended to highlight our nominees and our guests”, so everyone who is not in front of the camera must adhere to the new dark blue or black dress code.

Will the new changes bring higher notes or just uneven footprints? Only time will tell.

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