William and Kate’s flirtatious moment on St. David’s Day

Royal fans went wild during a flirtatious moment between the Prince and Princess of Wales during the St David’s Day Parade yesterday.

Kate Middleton, 41, accompanied her husband, Prince William, who was making his first visit to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Combermere Barracks in Windsor as the regiment’s new colonel.

After the parade, the couple met the families of the Welsh Guards, as well as Australian army men and women based in the UK to help train Ukrainian soldiers.

In a clip that has gone viral, Prince William and Kate could be seen teasing each other over the results of the England v Wales rugby match over the weekend.

Many of those watching went wild over the video, with one commenting, “They’re so cute!”

Royal fans go wild during a flirtatious moment between the Prince and Princess of Wales during the St David’s Day Parade yesterday

Meanwhile, another wrote: ‘They are so cute and happy. Wondering what they were saying.

‘I love their smiles! Today was very important for William and as always Catherine by his side supporting him as he also supports her.

A third added: “They look (like) a good couple.”

In the clip, William and Kate could be seen sharing a laugh with the group as William pushed Kate’s hand away.

William rolled his eyes playfully, before referring to the Welsh rugby coach, adding: “I think Warren (Gatland) will sort it out.”

The heir to the throne, Welsh Rugby Union boss, and his wife, who holds the same position for England’s Rugby Football Union, were both at the game in Cardiff last weekend in support of rival sides.

On Tuesday, during a royal visit to the country, William has admitted to receiving “unrelenting grief” from his wife because of England beating Wales at rugby.

He confessed Kate gave him the baton all weekend after Wales’ 10-20 loss to England in the Six Nations Rugby League on Saturday.

Many who watched went wild over the video, with one royal fan calling the couple ‘cute’ and another saying they looked ‘so happy’

He later went further, telling one of his hosts, “I’ve been heartbreaking non-stop all weekend about this.”

Asked if he had enjoyed the game when the couple arrived at the Brynawel Rehabilitation Center for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction near the town of Pontyclun, the Prince replied: ” Not a lot. We talked about it all weekend.

their last A rare public display of affection between the couple came on the heels of an appearance that a body language expert described as ‘their most beloved to date’.

Kate sent Royal Family fans into a frenzy as she appeared to give husband Prince William a light pat on the behind during the BAFTAs at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The pair appeared to exchange a few words, before she leaned over and appeared to give him a little pat on the back in a rare PDA moment for the duo, who seemed relaxed and delighted to attend the glamorous annual event.

The Prince and Princess of Wales shared a joke with the families of the Welsh Guards about the rugby match
As Prince William jokingly waved Kate away, the Princess could be seen affectionately rubbing her husband’s arm

Elsewhere, yesterday’s visit saw Kate impressed by nine-year-old Thomas Lucas, who managed to steal the show by deciding to perform an impromptu backflip.

Speaking to Thomas afterwards, the Princess said her backflip was “amazing” and she was “super impressed”.

She asked her parents “where he got his flipping skills from” and Thomas replied that he taught himself.

The primary school pupil explained to the royal visitor that he really enjoys ‘parkour’, a popular type of ‘free running’ which involves athletically jumping, jumping and climbing obstacles to get from one place to another. point to point as quickly as possible.

Kate – who had called it a dance – said ‘no dancing sorry – I need to learn all that lingo, I’m not very good at it’.

The royal mother-of-three opted for a dynamic Alexander McQueen coat for the occasion, which she paired with black accessories and a distinctive Juliette Botterill fascinator
Meanwhile, the Princess also looked amused when a young boy performed a somersault for her at the event this morning

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